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BlueKey Restoration, one of San Antonio's most prestigious construction companies, has successfully won one of San Antonio's most complex large loss commercial insurance claims. 


BlueKey began work on the roofing installation in mid-January. After recently finishing restoration work at the San Antonio VA Hospital, BlueKey was pleased to receive the winning bid for the large loss commercial renovation project. 


As a large loss insurance claims advocate by trade, BlueKey's knowledgeable and experienced experts were fully prepared to win this claim for their clients. Complex large loss insurance claims can take up to (2) years to negotiate and resolve, but BlueKey was prepared with all the necessary information and analysis to streamline the entire claims process to just 6 months.  


Armed with extensive supporting documentation for damages, damage related costs, and through extreme due diligence, BlueKey's professionals successfully negotiated a resolution that was amicable to all parties involved.


"The insurance company indicated that our company was one of the most professional teams they had ever worked with. Our preparedness saved them countless man hours and expenses.  Our approach to using drone technology saved over $10K in unnecessary expenses to rent cranes or use scaffolding for inspections," said David Lewgood, BlueKey President.

In addition to focusing on delivering the highest standards in start-to-finish restoration services and large loss commercial insurance claims, BlueKey prides itself on providing more than simple business to business services.  The veteran-owned company is especially humbled during times of crisis and makes sure to give back to the communities they serve.


This year, BlueKey donated to the school supply drive for Homeless VA children, provided Hurricane Harvey hit communities with pallets of food and nonperishable essentials, and most recently adopted a Puerto Rican family displaced during the holidays after they lost everything to Hurricane Maria.


The restoration company plans to broaden their real estate management solutions to include green building capabilities and vertical expansion installations as growth and demand continue.

About BlueKey Construction & Claims:  BlueKey is nationwide, veteran-owned, full service Insurance Claims & Restoration Company. We help clients navigate through the complex insurance claim and restoration process using technically advanced thermal drone inspections and infrared (IR) mapping.  


Recognized as one of the nation's most trusted consumer advocates in resolving large-loss insurance claims, BlueKey's professional insurance team consists of HAAG, OSHA, and FAA certified inspectors, former property managers, forensic engineers, public adjusters, and insurance attorneys who help clients avoid unfair claim denials and underpayments. We are fully licensed, certified and insured.  We protect the insured!

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