BlueKey provides commercially licensed thermal drone and imaging services.  Drones, also known as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are purpose-built for an endless amount of commercial, professional, and residential applications. 


Our aerial drone services help building and roofing inspectors perform close-up surveys of the exterior of buildings.  By delivering high-resolution images of the roof, gutters, chimneys, and building envelope, our drone services can increase the accuracy of hail and storm damage assessments.  Professional inspectors can also use our thermal drone services to detect and identify anomalies such as insulation leaks and moisture damage hidden beneath surfaces, faster and more efficient.   


Our drone services can also be used to create real-time progress reports and survey data for use in current or future insurance claims.  The data collected can be used to compare before and after surveys of damage by an insurance adjuster, or to document damage after a catastrophe by a property owner.  Ultimately, the drone data will speed up the claims process by reducing the assessment time and improving the accuracy of the loss assessment.


Additionally, our aerial drone services are helpful in all aspects of the planning, compliance, and monitoring phases in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industries.  By providing aerial surveys of large-scale construction sites, project managers can track the construction progress and reduce costs by detecting issues before they become major and expensive problems.  Drone images can also be used to market a property or development in a way ground images cannot.

Some examples of our drone technology include:

  • Building Inspections & Surveys

  • Roof Inspections & Surveys

  • Thermal Drone Inspections & Surveys

  • Moisture Detection

  • Insurance Claims

  • Insurance Adjustments & Assessments

  • Aerial Imaging & Marketing

  • Construction Site Surveys & Management

  • And Many More!​

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