No one likes to hear the words mold or asbestos, as they can both be extremely hazardous to your health. Safe removal of these harmful substances requires a skilled abatement team that can address the problem in such a way that it no longer causes harm to others. BlueKey provides commercial asbestos and mold testing, as well as commercial asbestos and mold abatement services.


If discovered, our professional abatement team will help you control fibers released from asbestos or mold-containing materials in your building or roofing structure so that it doesn't happen again.  We will also recommend solutions to eliminate the problem entirely, by completely removing or repairing of any contaminated materials or structures.

We are a full-service construction and restoration company that will help you restore your property in full.

BlueKey is a company you can trust.  We Are A Veteran Owned Company that Protects the Insured!

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