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Whether you're looking to spruce up your exterior or redecorate your commercial office building, BlueKey has the right service for you.

Of all the improvements that can be made to beautify and add value to your property, nothing is more cost-effective or makes a bigger impact than a fresh coat of paint. Investing a little time and money on a paint job will pay dividends over time.  Not only does a fresh coat of paint keep your property looking great, but it also serves as a barrier of protection against the elements. Sun, wind, rain and freezing weather all take its toll on your exterior paint job.


Periodic exterior painting prevents degradation of external siding and aesthetic features, as well as structural components.  BlueKey's preparation and painting process ensures that your property will remain looking beautiful long after the project is complete. We take great pride in employing experienced painters you can trust to deliver expert quality work, and use premium grade Sherwin Williams paint.

We are fully licensed, bonded, and insured, so that you don’t need to be concerned about any incidents during your project. Our professionals will get the job done fast, within budget, and keep our work areas clean and within safety compliance at all times.

BlueKey is a company you can trust.  We Are A Veteran Owned Company that Protects the Insured!

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