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We provide the most advanced thermal and infrared drone inspections in the industry and have been recognized as a "Best of the Best" drone inspection company. Using an infrared drone, we set a new world record for completing the highest Radio antenna inspection ever performed.​ Our team has undergone hundreds of hours of intensive classroom training, and thousands of hours worth of intensive flight training programs to be the #1 experts in what we do.


Our mission is to provide cost-effective solutions to complex issues using the most advanced FLIR infrared drone technology on the market. We aim to help our clients achieve the safest, most efficient and precise results possible, while also providing the highest level of customer satisfaction available. Our dedicated clientele comes from a diverse background of varying professions and across multiple industries, including Agriculture, Cellular towers, Electrical, Insurance, Construction, Legal, Engineering, Architectural, Roofing, Gas, Power, Hotel, Solar, Communication and Radio/TV.

A Few Examples Of Our Thermal Drone Inspection Services:

  • Perform comprehensive building and roofing inspections 

  • Analyze moisture intrusion and detect water damage

  • Conduct energy audits for temperature discrepancies in faulty insulation and compromised roofing 

  • Troubleshoot building envelopes and structural issues for potential electrical and mechanical problems

  • Assess Industrial elements such as solar panels and window leaks

  • Inspect media towers and survey power lines and cellular towers 

  • Scan for irrigation deficiencies in crop or soil health

  • Identify missed watering patterns and irrigation leaks on lawns and golf courses

  • Collect 360-degree video monitoring of renovations and worksites from the air

  • Shoot high-resolution aerial images and videos for marketing and investor relations


Thanks! We'll be in touch within 24 hrs. to answer any questions you may have.

BlueKey is a company you can trust.  We Are A Veteran Owned Company that Protects the Insured!

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