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Green roofing, also known as roof gardening, is an extension of an existing roofing system that is partially or completely covered with living plants and vegetation.  This structure helps conserve energy, lowers urban air temperatures, acts as insulation for your buildings, and absorbs excess rainwater during storms.  Roof gardens can also expand potential real estate revenue, increase rental space, and turn neglected rooftop space into an attractive retreat and functional garden.


Green roofing not only lowers your carbon footprint, but it can also help supplement traditional vegetation with truly healthy, fresh, non-GMO, pesticide-free produce.  In fact, some rooftop farms have been known to grow more than 30 varieties of organic fruits and vegetables, and feed over a million people per year using aquaponics, hydroponics, tower gardening, and urban agriculture.

Whether you are looking to cultivate green roofing systems from a desire to be environmentally responsible, or looking for ways to reduce costs and increase your building ROI, BlueKey is saving our planet and promoting environmentalism one commercial green roofing system at a time.

Example Benefits Of Our Green Roofing Solutions Include: 

  • Enhanced Stormwater Management

  • Decreased Storm Water Runoff

  • Improved Air Quality and Water Purification

  • Superior Sound Insulation

  • Reduced Energy Bills

  • Reduced Heat Loss and Energy Consumption During Winter Conditions

  • Lower Urban Air Temperatures and Reduce Heat Island Effect

  • Reduce Cooling Loads Covering Buildings

  • Improve Building LEED Rating

  • Significantly Extended Roof Lifespan

  • Healthier, Non-GMO and Pesticide-Free Produce

You can learn more about green roofing online here:

Center Of Urban Agriculture

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