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BlueKey BAM  (Building Asset Management)

BlueKey’s Building Asset Management (BAM) program is a proactive plan to help property and hotel managers, building owners, and asset managers mitigate storm damages, minimize maintenance expenditures, and reduce risk.  


Our expert teams of estimators, adjusters, engineer certified inspectors, FAA licensed drone pilots, and network of top insurance attorney firms fully assess building envelopes and roofing systems to identify signs of weakness, deterioration, hazards, and future system failures. This helps our clients avoid unfair claim denials, delays, and underpayments - and also better equips them to plan and budget necessary maintenance, repair, and replacement requisites.


By taking a few simple steps today, our expert teams will help arm you with the necessary information needed to file a successful insurance claim, ensure you receive a fair settlement from your insurance company and maximize the life of your property assets. 


Save time and money, reduce your stress and bookkeeping responsibilities, and leave the lengthy claims process to our experts. BlueKey provides you with claim protection few other companies in our industry offer. 

BlueKey is a company you can trust.  We Are A Veteran Owned Company that Protects the Insured!

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