Once the storm passes insurance companies will be flooded with damage claims. Property owners will require damage assessments. Adjusters will become overwhelmed with the massive volume of inspections placed on them. Engineers, architects and contractors will find that their calendars fill up almost immediately.


BlueKey's catastrophic drone response and emergency fleet services can help these industry professionals accomplish more in less time.


We provide expert Hurricane and Tornado drone damage assessments, aerial imaging, building envelope and roofing inspections, and pipeline, utility and tower inspections. Our catastrophic drone response and emergency fleet services are an safe, accurate, and cost-effective solution to complex issues using the most advanced Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) technology on the market.

TDI's expert team is FAA certified and has undergone hundreds of hours of intensive classroom training, and thousands of hours of flight programs to be the #1 experts in what we do. We help our clients achieve the safest, most efficient results possible, while also providing the highest level of customer satisfaction available.

Preliminary insurance damage estimates for Hurricane Florence are already over $125 Billion. BlueKey's professional storm teams will help streamline your workload so that no amount of work is too much to handle.


Get twice the work done in half the time.


Get twice the work done in half the time

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