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BlueKey has partnered this 2017 holiday season with the Cobb County Police Department and History Makers Church Iglesia to help a family from Puerto Rico who lost everything in Hurricane Maria.  

As a consumer claims advocate company that specializes in helping victims after hurricane disasters, the circumstances in which the adopted family had fallen on hard times was especially dear to BlueKey hearts.


BlueKey was able to help hundreds of Hurricane Harvey victims and entire Texas communities after Hurricane Harvey.  However, the company was not able to provide similar assistance to those impacted by the storms in Puerto Rico.


“We did not want our adopted family to lose the joy of Christmas - so we brought Christmas to them," said David Lewgood, BlueKey President.


Despite the dire circumstances of the adopted family, BlueKey family, friends, and community partners opened up their hearts to provide the resources necessary to make this Christmas holiday extra special.


When it was all said and done, they were able to fill the family’s refrigerator with groceries for several weeks, decorate their temporary home with a lighted Christmas tree, and bought enough gifts for the kids so that they could even open up a few before Christmas morning. 

BlueKey, History Makers Church Iglesia, and the Cobb County Police Department were very thankful for the generosity and support of the company's annual holiday helpers program.


“Thanks for sharing Christmas. God bless you and your family," said Cobb County Police Captain, Barry Little.

The family was also given gift cards and gifts to put under the tree so that the entire family could enjoy a little Christmas spirit.

About BlueKey Construction & Claims:  BlueKey is nationwide, veteran-owned, full service Insurance Claims & Restoration Company. We help clients navigate through the complex insurance claim and restoration process using technically advanced thermal drone inspections and infrared (IR) mapping.  


Recognized as one of the nation's most trusted consumer advocates in resolving large-loss insurance claims, BlueKey's professional insurance team consists of HAAG, OSHA, and FAA certified inspectors, former property managers, forensic engineers, public adjusters, and insurance attorneys who help clients avoid unfair claim denials and underpayments. We are fully licensed, certified and insured.  We protect the insured!

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