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La Quinta hotel was experiencing very bad leaks after Hurricane Harvey. Their insurance carrier denied their claim after their roof inspection did not reveal any issues to the business's roofing system.  Frustrated and not sure how to remedy their damages, BlueKey stepped in to help.


The claims and restoration company conducted an InfraRed (IR) scan of their roofing system and identified several anomalies using their advanced thermal drone inspection process.  Upon further analysis, BlueKey revealed that La Quinta’s roof had a drainage system underneath the roof.  The building had sustained high winds from the hurricane and caused the drainage system to pull apart - resulting in water intrusion under the roofing system.

BlueKey helped the client win their insurance claim by utilizing comprehensive data they acquired through their advanced thermal drone inspection process.  They also helped the hotel chain receive a full roof and drainage system replacement, and mitigate interior damages.


About BlueKey Construction & Claims:  BlueKey is a nationwide, veteran-owned, full-service insurance claims and restoration company.  Recognized as one of the nation's most trusted consumer advocates in helping clients navigate and resolve the complex insurance claims process, BlueKey helps clients avoid unfair claim denials and underpayments using technically advanced thermal drone inspections and infrared (IR) mapping.  BlueKey's professional insurance team consists of HAAG, OSHA, and FAA certified inspectors, former property managers, forensic engineers, public adjusters, and insurance attorneys.  They are fully licensed, certified and insured.  We protect the insured!

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