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BlueKey is pleased to share that the company has completed the Southwest Georgia Regional Airport restoration project.  The company worked with the city of Albany to make repairs to structures damaged by Hurricane Michael.

BlueKey professionals have extensive experience working with hurricanes.

President, David Lewgood, describes the uniqueness of each weather catastrophe:


"We have worked four (4) hurricanes.  Each one is unique and comes with its own unique challenges and damages.  But we came here to help put this community back together, and we're glad we can help."

Clients in the wake of an oncoming hurricane can also sign up to receive emergency help in the aftermath of a hurricane.  BlueKey offers emergency tarp and restoration assistance, catastrophic drone response and fleet services, and provides necessities such as water and non-perishable items to communities in need. 

BlueKey is a veteran-owned, full-service insurance claims & restoration company.  The company helps clients navigate through the complex insurance claim and restoration process using technically advanced thermal drone inspections and infrared (IR) mapping.


About BlueKey Construction & Claims:  BlueKey is recognized as one of Georgia's most trusted consumer advocates in resolving large-loss insurance claims, and help clients avoid unfair claim denials and underpayments.


BlueKey's professional insurance team consists of HAAG, OSHA, and FAA certified inspectors, former property managers, forensic engineers, public adjusters, and insurance attorneys.  They are fully licensed, certified and insured.  We protect the insured!

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