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BlueKey Construction & Claims is pleased to share it has successfully completed the tallest infrared antenna drone inspection ever recorded by an American drone company.  The thermal IR drone inspection hovered 1920 feet over an antenna for one of the largest religious broadcasting networks in the country.  


In addition to this impressive feat, BlueKey is proud to be recognized by CIO Magazine as one of the top drone inspection companies in 2018. 

Stay tuned for more thermal and infrared (IR) drone inspection news coming soon!

About BlueKey Construction & Claims:  BlueKey is a veteran-owned, full service Insurance Claims & Restoration Company. We help clients navigate through the complex insurance claim and restoration process using technically advanced thermal drone inspections and infrared (IR) mapping.  


Recognized as one of the Georgia's most trusted consumer advocates in resolving large-loss insurance claims, BlueKey's professional insurance team consists of HAAG, OSHA, and FAA certified inspectors, former property managers, forensic engineers, public adjusters, and insurance attorneys who help clients avoid unfair claim denials and underpayments. We are fully licensed, certified and insured.  We protect the insured!

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